Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Top 3 DIY mothers day gifts!

Everyone wants to make sure they get their mum the best gift money could buy. What could mean more to a mother then something that is personally made. Every ounce of thought has been put into something hand made.

1.Love heart mug
- Create your stencil( fold a piece of paper in half and cut half of a heart).
-Place the half of the heart over the handle of the mug and blue tack the other half to the mug.
- With the desired colour pen place dots around the edge of the stencil.
- Once finished remove the stencil to reveal the beautiful heart shape you have created.

2. Pamper cake
- Grab your pamper essentials and your towels.
- Roll your towel into shape and secure with a safety pin.
- Stack your beauty essentials inside and decorate with the ribbon of your choice.

3. Clay hand
- Roll out your air drying clay ( which can be brought at any good craft store) to about 1/2 and inch thick and cut around the desired hand with a butter knife.
- After leaving it to dry for 48 hours paint the hand as you desire.
( This gift would be perfect to make with children)

Comment your pictures of your creations down below!!

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