Saturday, 11 March 2017

My life story!

19th May 1996
At 3 am at Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth, I was born to the world via c-section! I was brought into the world to be the first daughter to Lucy and second daughter to George. Little did I know that I would have 2 sets of parents... My nan and granddad on my mums side!

29th July 1998
My beautiful sister Courtney was brought into the world via c-section. Little did I know that my best friend had just been born! 

8th September 2001
After a very long fight with cancer my gorgeous Nan lost her battle and passed away with my mum by her side. I have never felt pain like when I lost my second mum and too this day I still think and cry for her!  

10th- 17th September 2001
At some point between these two dates, my mum and dad got married. They did this at our local registry office. Me and Courtney were both bridesmaids. 

June 2002
(I'm not exactly sure what the date was) A year after my beloved nan died I lost my granddad. Clinically he died of a heart attack. However we believe that he died of a broken heart and just had to be with the love of his life!  

March 2003
My mum and dad split up and my dad went to live in Portsmouth City center.

June 2007
I started my first day at secondary school! I was beginning to work hard for my future!! 

December 2011
I met my first serious boyfriend! 

May 2012
I lost my virginity *sniggers childishly*  

1st April 2013 
I split up from my ex boyfriend. Like any teenage girl my life felt like it was over. 

May 2013
Got accepted into university! 

23rd November 2013
I met Mike! If you would like to read the full story please click here!

May 2014 
Decided I wasn't  going to go to University

16th August 2014
Got my first job!

20th October 2015
I found out I was pregnant with my first Child.

2nd July 2016
Cohen Martin Brown was born at 9:46am at home! To read the full story please click here!!

8th July 2016
Moved into my first house! 

The rest is all yet to come!!... 

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