Wednesday, 1 March 2017

My favourate bloggers

Seen as its the beginning of the month I wanted to start the month off on a good note. So here are my favourate bloggers of the year son far!

1. Charlie - Charlie is a beauty and lifestyle blogger. She writes some amazing make up tutorials and for those who know me, I'm not exactly make up savvy. The tutorials are easy to follow and understand, which makes them even better!
Twitter - @ablogbycharlie

2. Kirsty/ life with boys - Kirsty writes some amazing posts about things that everybody thinks and experiences but some people cant say. The most recent post I read of hers was talking about how her body had changed since having her little boy. It was warming to see someone writing something that i have been struggling with myself over the past few months.
Twitter- @alifewith_boys

3. Gemma louise - Gemma is also a lifestyle and beauty blogger. The reason I love to her posts are because I think she approaches make up from a realistic point of view. Her drug store beauty buys were all aimed at products in my price range.
Twitter - @gemellisx

4. Becca Jayne- Becca is a lifestyle blogger and a YouTuber! The content the Becca writes shocks me sometimes (In a good way of course hehe). Becca writes in a very mature way which leads you to think she is a lot older then she actually is.
Twitter- @beccaxjayne

If you fancy a good read then have a look at these ladies blogs!

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