Friday, 3 March 2017

Is Your Partner Cheating on you with someone?

Every day millions of relationships are broken every day if your relationship is running with complexity and you don’t trust your partner anymore then always remember that you should have solid information about your partner. If you really know that something is going wrong with your partner at back channel, don’t go with second-hand information, you need to examine it by yourself. In short, you have to get your facts straight, unfaithful partner always shows some signs which lead you the conclusion that you are being cheated by your partner with someone. There are some signs if you have noticed in your partner then there will be high chances that your partner is cheating on you with someone else.

How to judge your partner is unfaithful or he or she has second thoughts in mind:

 There will be an emotional distance between you and your partner.

 Your mind continuously rubs you that your partner is cheating on you with someone else.

 Your partner shows you lame excuses to spend time with you.

 Your partner stops compelling you to go outside and do fun together.

 When you don’t be able to give him or her proper time from any sort of genuine reason he or
she will start arguing with you that if you cannot spend time with me then he or her too.

 Most of the time your partner looks nervous, if suddenly his or her phone has rung and he or
she did not damn care about that particular call or messages.

 Your partner stops sharing you his or her feelings and most probably he or she telling his or her
feelings to someone else.

Women and men cheated each other at the same ratio, but the reason behind of cheating between the
two is totally different, according to the research work done by the Indiana University. “Women cheat
their male partner because they feel emotionally deprived while men cheat their female partner
because they feel sexually deprived, Tina B. Tessina Ph.D., psychotherapist. Unfaithful partners often
caught by their partners due to mobile phone and use of social websites. Cheating makes them scary
and ultimately they lack physical and emotional confidence because they feel fear, if being caught.
Always remember don’t look everything through a detective eye against your partner, but you should
clear that either you are insecure or you are right about your suspicion.

Use some tactics and make you clear, is you partner really cheating on you with someone?

As we have mentioned you earlier that unfaithful partners often get caught through their mobile
phones. Therefore, start noticing each and every activity while your partner is using their mobile device.
See his or her facial expressions while talking on the phone, while texting to someone and check his or her phone in her absence. The questions arise how you will manage to spy his or her each activity 24/7.

Don’t panic, there are plenty of spying software are available which can help you to make a check on
your partner. TheOneSpy is the world no.1 spying app which enables you to make a check on your
partner remotely and it will give you access to the targeted device. Even you will be able to view your
partner whereabouts, whom he or she is talking, whom he or she is texting and much more. TheoneSpy has more than 130 features including 16 instant messengers like twitter, Facebook, kik and etc. You can also track the location of your partner through GPS location tracking system and can record surrounding sounds and short videos with back and front camera.

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