Sunday, 12 March 2017

Easy SMX review- GPS System

I am forever getting lost! My phone is always dying. So when I was offered the chance to review the GPS, I was thrilled.
First of the delivery was once again brilliant! I ordered on the Friday and it was delivered by the Sunday.The GPS came with a car charger, a windscreen mount and a USB cord.

At first view of the GPS I was honestly very shocked because it looks like a tablet and has the functions of a tablet. Some of these functions include a radio and music app.

The GPS has a very detailed address entry. It also asks for a county, country and also gives you a list of any linking roads to make it easier to pin point exactly where to go.

I used this going into to town. First off my thoughts was that it was very good. I was very happy with the layout and how clear the voice was.
However, we very quickly came across an issues with the signal dropping. It only happened twice but it was an inconvenience.
Another issue we experienced was that it told me that my speed was too high. Whilst this is such an AMAZING feature it was also telling me I was going to fast when I wasn't even hitting the speed limit.

Away from the issues we experienced, I was very happy with the product! I would 100% recommend and buy one for a family member.

If you would like to get yours head over to the Easy SMX amazon shop.

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