Wednesday, 15 March 2017

DIY mothers day cards

If you read my last post, then the best way to top off the best DIY gift is a DIY card. Below are some really good ideas.

1. Hand print lion.
This is a brilliant idea to do with children. Allow them to get messy and do as many hand prints as they can. If you use a yellow paint for the hand print, you can add the small amount of brown for the tail, main and you can make yourself a lion just like above.

2. Mum
This is a brilliant one for all ages. Whilst this is simple and effective and really eye catching.

3. Tea-riffic
If anyone is like me i love a cup of tea. This tea pot template card is a brilliant idea. Simply cut out the template and decorate as you want. Oh! and don't forget their favourite tea bag!

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