Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A letter to the old me!

Dear 'old me',

This is newer version of you! I don't know how long ago it was since we parted but some aspect have been hard...

I'm a mum now! I have a beautiful baby boy and he is so funny! He of reminds me of you but a few versions before. He's super cheeky, but he is such a good boy. I want to thank you for staying strong for me through those hard few months. There were things that you taught me about myself that make me as strong as I am now. You some how managed to keep me going through what was the MOST stressful time in my life so far!

I have a house of my own! I know that you still live with your mum and probably are still dreaming about living with your boyfriend. And some aspects are exactly what you think it is like, but other aspects are no where near. It is unbelievably hard to keep a house clean with a dog and a 8 month old! But I'm trying my best!

I'm in therapy! Me and you both know that I had ALOT of issues going on in my head, and I'm actually addressing them all now. It is so hard! I wont lie some days I really struggle but i'm working on it!

All I want to say is that whilst I don't miss you, I admire you! Your so strong and beautiful. Even though you are always a part of me I wish I could understand this now!!

I will always love you !


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