Thursday, 12 January 2017

Why I started weaning at 12 weeks

I can hear the comments now " your recommended to wean at 6 months", " why are you rushing your baby?"  I have even been called a bad mother for doing it, and frankly I don' care.

Cohen was always a very hungry baby and at 3 months was having 5oz. So when we upped his bottles to 7oz and it still wasn't satisfying him, I wasn't waiting any longer.  He was no longer going to be unhappy because he is always hungry!

I 100% understand that people have their own opinions, as I do have mine. But no one deserves to be called a bad mum because of a choice they have been made for THEIR child. So whilst I respect your opinion, I would also love it if you respect that I would never do anything if I thought it would harm my child

My son is now 7 months old and so happy. He has and enjoys 3 solid meals a day and still have 4, 9oz bottles. He is very healthy and happy baby, who is thankfully meeting all of his milestones and then some.

If your a parent and you feel that you want to do something with your child that other people don't agree with, then I say make your own decisions. Those people haven't got to see your child unhappy.

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  1. Hi! I'm from Russia and I've never heard about anything like this before! So I've got some questions. Did you consult a doctor how do you usually do it? What kind of food did you start with and what do give him now?