Thursday, 19 January 2017

Why I started blogging

This is a question I hear quite often when I tell people I blog. There are a million answers I could give, but here are just a few!

#1 To feel useful - Although I am bringing up my little and I absolutely love it with every once of my body. But I use to work in health care and although I was only a support worker new people would come in and I would be able to hand the things I have been taught over. It made me feel useful and whilst Cohen is still to young for me to do that. So for now I'm afraid you will all have to listen to me.

#2 To escape - Again Although I am bringing up my little and I absolutely love it with every once of my body. But to have an hour here and there to escape from poo and washing is absolute bliss.

#3 To talk about something I love - I love writing about things that can change a persons day, make them think about something differently. I mean I don't know how well I do that but I enjoy trying. So when I find something I love, I love talking about it.

Why don't you tell me what you love and why you love blogging (if you do of course!)(


  1. hi im waiting for u my blogsite

  2. great post :) I was started blogging when I m very happy :)

  3. when I started out, one of the things I did is join a blog writing link-up that sponsored a set of 5-6 topics participants can choose from to write about every Thursday at
    Perhaps you'd like to join?

  4. There's million reason why I started but I'm glad that I've started.

  5. These are valid reasons and it all comes down to a love for sharing information. I know you already read my little blog posts, so you know we share similar feelings about blogging. :)

  6. I am trying it out. I loved to write in high school, but had kids shortly after. I'm stuck at home bored and broke. I'm trying to keep myself busy, while helping out others.