Sunday, 1 January 2017

My new years resolutions 2017!

So first off  HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I hope that all of your festive celebrations were as you planned! So this is the time of year that we set new year resolutions. I don't normally do these but  this year I have decided to. So here they are

  1. To get Cohen christened - This is something I been thinking about for months and have finally decided I am going to do. I have booked the date 15th January and sent out the invites. I will be doing follow up posts about finishing the plans and decorating ect. 
  2. To loose 2 stone - As off today I am on a diet! I want to finally loose all of my baby weight and any added weighty i have gained. 
  3. To learn Makaton - I already know a few signs that I learnt form work. But I want to teach Cohen how to sign. I have decided I want to start a blog series based around Makaton.              
  4.  Read a new book book week 
  5. To try YouTube - I want to see if I can build up a Youtube profile. So I have said I am going to try it for a month and if I like doing it i will continue.
  6. To build up my blog
Why don't you comment you resolutions down below! 

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