Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Easy SMX review

I was approached by EasySMX and asked to do a review and as normal I was so excited!! I headed straight over to EasySMX's Amazon shop and ordered my pair of headphones. 

The head phones are originally priced at £29.99. However, they are currently on sale for £10.99 ( which is an absolute bargain!!) I ordered my head phones and they were dispatched the following day! The delivery time was quick and effective and I was really impressed! 

When they arrived I removed it from the box to find a beautiful black zip up case. Inside the case was the headphones which were beautifully presented. alongside 4 extra pairs of ear buds.

I quickly tried the headphones out on my phone and began watching some YouTube videos. The sound quality was brilliant and what I would expect from a pair of Beats headphones. After about 10 mins I took the head phones out and to my son had woke up from his nap and I couldn't hear him! The sound cancelling quality is amazing and I was shocked! 

The fit of the ear piece was brilliant. The silicone bud fit perfectly within my ear. There were 3 different size ear pieces. Some where silicone and some were what felt like memory foam. These were so comfortable that I forgot I had them in at one point

The quality of this product is amazing and I would happily pay the full retail price of £29.99 and still be shocked that they are so cheap. I would 100% recommend these headphones. Please, Please head over to Easy SMX's websites and social medias (linked below!) 

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