Saturday, 14 January 2017

Cohen's christening outfit!

So tomorrow I am getting Cohen christened and I'm so excited!! I have tried to do everything as cheap as I could. So I wanted to show you how I have made my little man look absolutely handsome as cheap as possible!

Above is everything I have brought for Cohen and it was all brought for £34. Everything was brought on Ebay.

The suit was brought for £24.99. It is a beautifully made. It is a 4 piece set, Which includes the trouser, shirt, waist coat and tie. The shirt and trousers are mad of a fabric which resembles silk. ( I would say it was, but i doubt it would be for £24.99) The waist coat is lovely and thick and is so easy to do up. The tie also val-crows up in the back which is a god send!!

His socks were £1.89. These are anti suppressant socks so they wont cut into his legs. These are lovely quality and look as though they will fit him beautifully.
Finally the shoes were £6.50. These are beautifully made and have a gorgeous pattern embroidered into the side and front. They are gorgeous and look so comfortable!
If you would like to buy these the links are below. 

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