Friday, 2 December 2016

Christmas decoration ideas

So the Christmas season has begun and I have officially put up for all of decorations! I love Christmas decorations so I would have a look and find some nifty ideas. Here are some of the ideas I found.

1. Outdoor bauble wreaths - This look so easy to make and it would look amazing hung on some french doors. Simply tape 2 swimming floats together and then glue your baubles all around the edge.
2.  Candy cane wreaths- This idea will probably cost you £2. Simply get your candy canes and glue them together (obviously don't remove them from their plastic wrappers.) when they are assembled as you would like them let them dry and attach some ribbon to hang it from. You don't have to use a snowflake as shown in the picture you could use anything. 
3. Chocolate bowls- This again is something that could possibly cost you about £2. However, this wouldn't be something that would last very long. Melt your chocolate in a bowl and pour over the balloon and let dry. Once the chocolate is solid then let the air out of the balloon and place whatever you want into it. fruit or sweets may be a good idea. 

For more ideas take a look at my Pintrest board - Click here to view

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