Sunday, 4 December 2016

Secret Santa gift guide for people you don't know

I was having coffee with my best friend the other day, when she started to tell me that she had been given her person but she hasn't really worked with them so doesn't know them. So it got me thinking what do you get for someone you don't know?

We have all been here right? But the best thing to remember is that they don't know who you are so if you get them something they don't like then its not a big deal.

Gift vouchers
There are so many gift vouchers you can buy and you can buy them from almost anywhere! So you can either do some digging and find out where they like to shop or you can get a voucher that can be used anywhere.
Another really easy solution and you don't have to even know what chocolates they like. There are many variety boxes you can buy with a large selection of chocolates. I 'm sure that someone would like something from one of those boxes!!
Body wash sets
This is something else that is fool proof. You don't need to know a lot about someone to be able to get them one of these. You can also get these pretty easily and pretty cheap.
Although it may seem as though you need to know the person to get the right bottle. You can find a  reasonably priced bottle of wine which tastes good anywhere.

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