Thursday, 29 December 2016

My Youtube favourites!

I LOVE watching Youtube videos!! I do it pretty much all day everyday! I put them on when I get dressed, I have them on when I'm cooking, when I'm looking after Cohen, I mean like literally all the time!
So all of you can enjoy the fantastic videos I watch I wanted to share them with you! So here they are:

Leoy Lane!
The main reason i started watching Loey's videos was because a paranormal video came up on my suggested videos and I listened to her story. I'm not gonna kid you she has so many paranormal stories it's shocking!! I then carried on watching her videos once I saw her make up and body confidence videos! Here is a link to here channel so you can get watching!! Loey's Youtube
(Picture taken from twitter- @loeybug)
Natalia taylor!
I first watched a story time video of Natalia's and the was hooked from there! She has some outrageous stories and If I'm 100% honest I would love to be friends with someone who has so much funny shit happen to her!! Here is a link to her Youtube channel! Natalia's Youtube
(Picture taken from twitter - @natalia_taylor_)
Colleen Ballinger! 
I began watching Colleens videos a few years back and have been hooked ever since. Since making a living from Youtube she has gone on to make a Netflix series called haters back off! She is amazing and truly inspiring!! Here is a link to her channel! Colleen's youtube
(Picture taken from twitter - @ColleenB123)
Miranda Sings!
This is the alter ego of Colleen and her videos are hilarious!! Miranda has gone on tour multiple times!! Here is the link to her channel so you can watch the hilariousness! Miranda's Youtube
(Picture taken from twitter - @mirandasings)

* This was not a sponsored post and any links or pictures can/ will be taken down upon request!*

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