Saturday, 3 December 2016

How to decorate your home on a budget

So everyone knows the struggles of not having a lot of money at one time or another. But the worst time to have it is right before Christmas. I don't know about you but Christmas doesn't feel like Christmas unless my home looks Christmassy. So here are some ways to decorate your home on a budget.

  1. Look around £1 shops- In pound shops you can find pretty much anything and i can bet your bottom dollar that you will find tinsel, battery operated light and all the disposable cutlery you could possibly need for your festive gathering. This way you can spend £10 and be able to make your Christmas tree look a little decent. 
  2. Make your own - Yes, I'm seriously suggesting going back to your 5 year old self and making paper chains. However, if paper chains aren't really your things you can make some many things out of string and some cheap baubles. Take a look at my Pintrest board for some ideas.
  3. Buy second hand- Charity shops, online selling site like Gumtree and Free cycle and even Facebook sell or giveaway Christmas decorations. If your not to picky about what you can get you can sometimes get big bags of unwanted decorations for £5. 
  4. See what other people have left over - I recently did this. I went to my mums and she had loads of left over Christmas decorations. I then came home with loads of extra bits to add to my house all for free!! 
It's amazing what you can do when you put your mind to it.

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