Thursday, 8 December 2016

Advent calendars of 2016

Your never to old for an advent calender! Sure the chocolate ones may be for kids but all you have to do it step it up a gear and replace the chocolate with something else. Here I am gonna show you what to replace the chocolate with.

Beauty advent
Every woman loves makeup. So why don't you get a new piece of make up everyday!! This advent calendar from is priced £19.99 and is a brilliant brand with good quality make up everyday.
Jewellery advent
Why not get a new peice of make up every day with this jewellery advent. This gingerbread advent is priced at £27.50 from The reviews on this product are really good and the jewellery is really good quality. 
Yankee candle
I LOVE scented candles!! So a new Yankee candle everyday is an idea of heaven for me. This advent is priced at £19.99 at!! Go get yourself one before they go! 


  1. Cute! I haven't had an advent calendar in many years. Love these ideas :)

    1. Neither have I to be honest. But I will getting one of these next year. I love would love an Yankee candle one :) xx

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