Monday, 21 November 2016

SMA stage 1 milk carton review

On Friday I went out on a day trip to Longleat for the first time. When planning for the day out I had two choices. Either lug around his big tin of powder or buy a carton. So I set off to my local supermarket to look for a carton.

The first thing I looked at was the life of the milk once it is opened. If you formula feed,  you will know that milk you make with the powder has to be used within 2 hours of it being made. However, when I looked at the carton, it sated that it can be used for up to 48 hours after it is opened. This made things 10 x easier.

You can either buy 200ml cartons for £0.75p or you can buy a big 1 litre bottle for £3.00. I worked out how many bottles I would need and it worked out easier to buy a big 1 litre bottle.

The quality of the milk is amazing and in all honesty it looked so thick and so tasty!

It had a brilliant screw top which didn't leak ( except the time I didn't do the lid up properly opps!)

In all honesty I would 100 % recommend using this for days out. Some people say its good to use I'm honest.

*This was not a sponsored post*


  1. How long have you been formula feeding your baby? I'm trying to wrap my head around breastfeeding and haven't begun reading about alternatives.

    1. I have been formula feeding since he was 3 days, because he didn't take to breastfeeding very well. He has coped very well on it. If you ever want to chat about anything feel free to DM me on twitter or to email me xx