Friday, 11 November 2016

Should sex offenders be allowed to adopt?

This morning I woke up to find an article on my Facebook news feed stating that Theresa May has said that she thinks sex offenders including paedophiles should be allowed to adopt. I, myself see this a the most ridiculous thing is have ever heard!! For a mothers point of view I think that it is atrocious that anyone would even consider this!!

Before we get into the views of whether or sex offenders should be allowed to work and care for children, lets look at what a sex offender is. A sex offender is defined as someone that has been criminally charged and convicted of or plead guilt to a sex crime. Sex crimes can include rape, sexual abuse and indecent exposure.

Theresa May was called upon in 2010 to relax the rules that state that sex offenders can not care and work with children because, despite growing concern then number of child sex murder crimes are very low.

Whilst yes, I understand that sometimes people that are innocent are found guilty of ANY crime, I still don't think it is correct for someone on the sex register to be around any child. The impact that sexual crimes have on adults lives let alone children are significant and to set a child up in a dangerous environment is failing any ones duty of care.

It states in the article that by restricting a sex offender of caring and working with children is restricting their human rights. Well frankly what about those children's human rights? Everyone has the right to feel safe and to be protect from things or people that may hurt them and by allowing someone to come in that could possibly abuse them, is again failing our duty of care.

Those adults (as I say adults as they would have been trialed as one) have had their child hood and frankly in my eyes lost their human rights when they committed the offence.

If this is something that comes into action I will certainly be home schooling my children!  

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