Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Get ready with me!

Hi there!! So your obviously here to see how I get ready for my day! Well here it goes!

My day normally starts at about 6:30- 7am ( this is of course if its my turn to get up with Cohen) and I take Cohen downstairs and give him some porridge. at about 7:45 Cohen will have a bottle and then have a sleep for about 30-45 mins. Once he is asleep I take him upstairs and put him in his cot. I will the get myself ready.

First I go in and turn on the shower and let it warm up. I love to go into the shower and it be nice and warm in there.
Whilst the shower is warming up, I make the bed (assuming Mike isn't still in it of course) and then I get my clothes out ready!

I will the jump in the shower and wash my hair etc. Once I am showered I will put my straighteners on to heat up and I will blow dry my hair! Once i am dressed and my hair is dry I will straighten my hair and put on my make up! ( tutorial to follow)

By the time I am done Cohen is awake and ready to get dressed and fed again. 


  1. Loved this post and those pug pillows are ADORABLE


    1. Ahh thank you! thank you for commenting!! I will be commenting on yours soon! xx