Monday, 7 November 2016

DIY project- Cohen's Bedroom

As soon as we moved into our house I was eager to get Cohen's room decorated. I couldn't stand every room I went into being magnolia. And if anyone should have their room decorated it was him. So after the room was cleared of the boxes.

I got two tones of blue. The darker blue was to go on the feature wall. and the other 3 walls were a lighter tone of blue. I brought the darker blue which is called frosty sea from Asda for £9 and the lighter blue called the colour of the sky which was again £9 from Homebase. I thought these were bnoth really good value for money seen as they are 2.5L tubs and they both went a long way.

I sadly don't have any pictures of the room originally, but I'm sure its easily to imagine! I still need to paint a cabinet and move his cot into the room but it is something I can do other the next month.

Hopefully I will have it finished by the middle of next month! 

Keep tuned for more updates! 

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