Saturday, 15 October 2016

Top Halloween outfits for men!!

A few days ago i did a blog post about my top Halloween outfits for women. Today I am going to do my top Halloween outfits for men! i have trawled the internet and picked out my favourates.

Whilst this probably wouldnt be the easiest costume to make or get a hold of, I definitely think it is one of my favourates! Can you imagine turning up at a part dressed like this whilst everyone is dressed as cats and wizards?!?!
Beetle juice
Again this may not be an easy one to do but if you could find an old stripy suit in a charity shop and a wig then this would be awesome! People would be to scared to say your name!
Whilst this is probably a go to  Halloween costume for a male, But this is an easier one to create! All you really need is a t-shirt with the superman logo on and a standard suit. I think it is totally effective and looks really cool!!
This is definitely a fun one! Again so so easy all you really need is some coloured dots, a pair of white t-shirt and shorts. I would love to see someone turn up to a party like this!!

I hope you like these ideas! take a look at my Pinterest board for more ideas!
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