Saturday, 15 October 2016

Top Halloween outfits for kids!!

Once again I have been trawling the internet for Halloween ideas, and I came across some super cute kids outfit ideas!!

The Joker!
I think this is a brilliant idea! What you would think of as an adult costume put onto a little one! With some face paints and some creative ideas with clothing this would be really effective! I know my son would love to dress up like this especially if he is like his dad.
Mary poppins
This is so cute! Mary poppins is one of my favourate films and I would love dress my little girl up like this. Whilst this isn't very scary it is still a good choice for a young girl which strays away from always being a witch.
This is another brilliant idea. I think this would look stunning on a young girl. This is an easy to do costume and has a brilliant effect. Again not very scary but its something not a lot of parents would think of.

For more ideas why not look at our pinterest board!
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  1. Great ideas, a good variety too!
    Love the idea of the wee man as the joker, that is amazing!

    Fab concept for a post and excellent ideas!
    Keep up the great work!
    Charlene McElhinney