Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Top DIY Halloween decorations!

So we have 6 days and counting and I thought I would write about some awesome DIY Halloween decorations and how you can make them. Lets be honest some of the decorations you buy at the shops can be so damn expensive! 
Gothic candles
This is something which is unbelievably easy to create. All you need are some tea lights (normal or flameless) some candle holders, some lace and some adhesive! Measure the length of the lace needed to go around the candle holder and cut with a par of scissors. The place some double sided tape or glue and each end of the lace and then wrap around the holder. Once it is dry place the tealight inside and light. (if you are using ordinary tealights be careful when lighting!)]
Hanging spiders nests
This is another super easy idea. Simple get yourself some water balloons and fill with water. Place some glow sticks inside of the water balloon and tie a knot in the balloon. The place the balloon in a stocking and secure to the ceiling. Continue until you have the desired amount! 
  Glow in the dark pumpkins
I cant wait to be able to do this with my little boy. Get yourself a pumpkin and carve in the face you desire. Then get yourself some glow in the dark paint and decorate to your hearts content. Wait to dry and then turn out the lights and see your pumpkins come alive. 

Why not take a look at my Pinterest board for some more ideas!!

I hope that these help some of you. Please post images of your decorations in the comments below!! 

Happy Halloween!!! 

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