Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Our love story

I have been struggling to think of what to write about recently and seen as next month is our 3 year anniversary, I thought what better time then to go over how it all began.

In April 2013 I split up from my ex. we had been together 2 1/2 and at 17 it hit me hard. I tried my best to move on, but there were aspects that made moving on harder. But I finally I managed to pull myself away and move on the best I can. I went on a few dates but nothing that really turned into anything.
In November 2013 I was going to our local Tesco with my mum (where she worked) to do some shopping. As we came up the escalator I saw a handsome, tall, dark haired man stood looking at a computer screen.
Mike worked on security and at that time was looking at someone on the screen and talking through a walkie talkie. I was instantly attracted to him.
I turned to my mum and told her that I thought he was gorgeous and she told me to go and give him my number. NO WAY!! No way was I going to walk up to a total stranger and give him my number. Especially

for him to not be interested or worse already seeing someone.

The following Saturday my mum went to work as usual and I was lounging round the house when I got a text. It was from my mum... She had text me to tell me she had given him my number. Hold on SHE HAS GIVEN HIM MY NUMBER!! OH MY GOD!! I was so excited!! I cant believe it.
Then 20 minutes later text came through, It was him!!! He wanted to arrange to meet up. We were talking for a while and then we added each other on Facebook.
We arranged to meet at the local whetherspoons, on the following Wednesday.

Wednesday came and I was so nervous! We had said we would meet at a bus stop out side of the burger about 10 mins away. I stood waiting for him to arrive and it felt like an eternity.
From behind me i heard someone call my name. As I turned around he was stood there, he hugged me and my heart skipped a beat.
We went and had our lunch and when we left each other we kept texting and that's the way it has been ever since.
Now 3 years on we are living together, we a gorgeous little boy and are planning on spending the rest of our life together.

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