Monday, 31 October 2016

My monthly goals- November 2016

So its the beginning of my favourate time of year! Not only is it my anniversary this month but it is also the build up to Christmas. So this month is going to be busy so what better way to start the month then to set myself some goals. So here it goes!

  1.  To finish my Christmas shopping!- Other then for Cohen I haven't really got many gifts so my main priority is to get all my gifts brought and wrapped and ready!
  2. To keep going with my weight loss goals - Although I will be very relaxed over Christmas I want to start of my weight loss to a good start! I hope i will loose a bit more of my baby weight after Christmas .
  3. To get Cohen's bedroom finished ready for him to go into it after  the new year!
  4. To continue you writing so often on my blog! - I love writing on here it seems to give me something else concentrate on away from nappies and washing clothes!
  5. To get all of our Christmas decorations brought and ready to put up on 1st December!  
  6. To continue to build my twitter profile a little more! 

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