Wednesday, 26 October 2016

My life goals

Over this past year my life has changed so much, and so ave my goals. In all honesty I didn't really sit back and think about what I want to achieve over the next 60 years. So i spent a few hours to do thinking about what really matters to me and what i want the outcome of my life to be. Below are my life goals.

  1. To raise my son to a respectful and happy young man. This is the most important one to me and if this was the only one i achieved i would die a happy women. 
  2. To get a degree. I did apply and get accepted into uni but due to personal circumstances i decided to put it off a couple of years. My passion is health care but what i would want to do in health care has changed since I applied.
  3. To go scuba diving and snorkeling. I love animals and this would be an amazing thing to see. I draw the line and swimming with sharks. 
  4. To get married. This is one that has most definitely became a lot clearer to me over the past few months. I have well and truly decided that i want the full package and that is the only thing i really have left to do.  
  5. To have more children! Yes my son is only 4 months and I already cant wait to have another. 2 would be my ideal number but 3 is our maximum! 
  6. To buy my own house. Whilst this is a goal this isn't a necessity. 
  7. To take my kids to Lapland. I would love to do this in a few years time to see their faces light up. 
  8. To go travelling! I would love to around the world and experience different cultures! 
  9. To move abroad. I would love to move to America or Canada I love the idea of raise my kids to understand other cultures.
    10. To be happy! I will look back and see that i had a happy life and be able to know I did everything I wanted to.  
These are just a few of my life goals i have began to come up with now that things have changed. When i decide some more things I will do an update.

What are some of your life goals??? Comment them below !! 

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