Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Get to know me Q&A session

I wanted to do a Q&A session so you can all know a little more about me. I didn't have any questions to answer so i decided to look on google and found the following question.
  1. What is your sexual orientation? I'm heterosexual and have been with my boyfriend for 3 years.
  2. What are you bad at? Maths, ask me to work anything out and I will need a calculator. I'm terrible!!
  3. The person whose arms you would like to be in? Have you asked me this time last year I would have said Mikes (My boyfriend) but now we live together no one.
  4. What is your best first date?: My best first date was with my current boyfriend. He took me out for a pub lunch and we were so nervous we hardly spoke to each other, but we still managed to find out so much about each other.
  5.  Give a description of your self-esteem: I would like to say I have a relatively good self esteem especially since becoming a mum it has helped me become so much more confident in myself. 
  6. Who are your best friends?: My number 1 best friend is my younger sister. We have always been close and we will always be best friends. My other best friend is someone i use to work with. She helped me out and has stuck by me alot through the pregnancy whereas people i thought were my friends didnt. 
  7. What is your favourite book? I do really enjoy reading, but sadly with a little one and the blogging it doesnt leave much time to read. My all time favourate book it 'A boy called it' by Dave Pelzer. This book is about his childhood and the abuse he went through at the hands of his mother. Some of the circumstances he had to endure are horrific. This was the book that made me want to go into health care and help other people. You can buy the book here.
  8. What is your biggest turn off? I have to say long hair and long finger nails. There is something about it that I don't like on men. ( I'm not saying men shouldn't have long hair or long finger nails.) 
  9. Describe your best friend. They are both pretty similar. They are kind and supportive and they have the same sense of humor as me. They are just amazing people!!
  10. What is your favourite animal? I love all animals and I have been brought up with a range of different animals. But should I have to pick I would say that dogs were my overall favorite. I love being able to cuddle up with them. 
  11. Who is someone you miss? My nan. I was very close to my nan and I wish she had been here to meet Cohen as she would have adored him. But I know she is up there keeping him safe.
  12. What was the reason behind your last breakup? The guy i was with had changed quite a bit through our relationship and I didn't feel that he was the person I fell in love with. The changes within the relationship had made me feel very low so for my own sake I walked away. 
  13. What did you do yesterday? Yesterday I wasn't feeling 100% so I did the bare minimum. Once Mike got home from work he helped do some cleaning and tidying up and then we just relaxed on the sofa. 
  14. What are your greatest achievements? This is a hard one... Well obviously i am 100% proud and would say my greatest achievement is my gorgeous little boy. He is so perfect I can't believe that he is mine. The second would be my relationship, I don't know many people my ages that have been in a relationship as long as i have let alone still be together with them after having a child. So I am very proud of that. 
  15. Describe the person the dislike the most. I think i would describe them as someone who thinks very highly of themselves and get through life by having things given to them. I was always brought up to work hard for what i want and it makes me angry that someone people dont have to work very hard. 
  16. What is your favourite song right now? My favourite song at the moment is The Chainsmokers- Closer, Its so catchy and it gets stuck in my head all the time! I love it! 
  17. How did you last kiss go down? My last kiss would have been when Mike left for work this morning so it was just a quick peck to say goodbye. Nothing exciting I'm afraid.
  18. What do you find attractive in the preferred sex? I love facial hair and tattoos. I don't like a lot of facial hair but just a little bit. I also love tattoos I don't know why but I love them. Mike has a few and i find them so sexy. 
  19. List all the pets you have ever had. Oh my god this is going to be a long list. I will have to list the different types of animals rather than all their names. I have had dogs, a cat, guinea pigs, rabbits, a turtle, rats, hamsters, hedgehogs, birds, African snails and a snake. As you can tell we are an animal loving family. 
  20. What is your favourite flavour of ice cream? Easily Eaton mess!! I could eat it all day long. 
  21. Where do you want to be right now? snuggled on the sofa in my pj's with our dog!! 
  22. What is the meanest thing that anyone has ever said to you? I think it would have to be that because I was blonde (YES BLONDE!) that I wouldn't do anything with my life. Boy, did I prove them wrong! 
  23. Where have you lived before? For as long as I remember I have always lived in Portsmouth! But before I lived in my house now I lived with my mum and sister. 
  24. I will love you if... ? I will love you if you bring my my favourite snacks and my favourite movie so I can stuff my face whilst watching the TV. 
  25. What are your future plans? I'm not 100% sure what I want to do in the future. I would love to have another baby and to get married but other than that everything is still a mystery!!
  26. What is an internal conflict you have with yourself? At the moment it is whether what I do for my son is the best for him. Looking after someone you love with no rules is a shock to the system. Every choice that need to be made has to be made by me. 
  27. What are you planning to do tomorrow? I have my health visitor to come and weigh Cohen tomorrow and then hopefully I will  go over and see my mum. 
  28. What do you want to be when you get older?  Had you asked me this 2 years ago I would have said a nurse or to run my own care home. But now, all I really want to be is the best mum I can be for my children. 
  29. What is your most embarrassing moment? Easily has to be meeting Mike for the first time after my mum had asked him out for me. See Our love story for more information!  
  30. What are 2 of your insecurities? 1. How I look, I always feel that people are judging me. 2. what my house looks like. I hate the thought of someone coming to my house and it being hideous!! 
  31. What would you do if you won the lottery? The first thing I would do is buy a house for my family. Then i would buy myself a decent car, nothing flashy just something that is practical. I think the rest would go into an account for my children when their old enough to have it. 
  32. Describe a boy you like. Well he is tall dark and handsome. He is also so caring and will do anything for me and Cohen. 
  33. What do you love most about yourself? That's a difficult one... I have to say that I love that I can pick new things up quickly. This is a such a blessing wen i have to bring something into my routine quickly. 
  34. What are your biggest pet peeves? Things being untidy and unorganized. I don't understand how people can function in an untidy environment! 
  35. What bands have you seen live? I have never been to a concert so I will have to say none!!
  36. How many children do you want in the future? 2 or 3. 2 would be ideal but 3 is my limit. 
  37. What is your idea of a perfect date? I think just sitting and being able to talk to the person I'm with. We often get caught up in what goes on around us and forget those close to us. 
  38. What are you really good at? I would like to say I'm good at caring for people.
  39. What is your most traumatic experience? I would have to say this would be loosing one of clients for the first time. It was very sudden for her to have passed away and having to do CPR was scary. 
  40. Where would you like to live? Australia!! I would love to be in the sun.
  41. What is the nicest thing anyone has said to you? It would defiantly have to be that i am a good mum. Always something everyone like to hear
  42. Do you like where you are right now? Yes, I couldnt be happier! 
  43. What can you hear right now? Cohen's mobile and him snoring as he sleeps in his cot. 
  44. What is your relationship like with your siblings? I am very close with my sister, we tell each other everything!! 
  45. What is your biggest worry currently? I dont really think I am worried about anything. 
  46. What is something you have wished for repeatedly? For my mum and sister to be as happy as I am and it seems they are at the moment. 
  47. What is your relationship like with your parents? I am very close to my mum she has brought us up on her own and been our mum and dad. My dad, I use to be very close with when I was younger but as i have grown up I have seen what he is really like.   
  48. What is something you should have said a long time ago? What I thought, if I had said what I had thought a bit more I wouldn't have been bullied as much as I was. 
  49. What did your last text message say? It said 'I love you' it was obviously from Mike.
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