Friday, 7 October 2016

A letter to my mum!

Now I have become a mum I think I understand how much my mum actually did for me and how hard it must have been. So i thought I would how much i appreciate her by writing her a letter. This may be a letter she will never read but the never the less I feel it should be shouted form the roof tops.

Dear Mum,
Hi! Probably seems quite weird that i am writing you this letter even though I see you on a daily basis. Since I had our chunks I have realised how hard you worked all those years to give us what we had. I am lucky enough to still be with the father of my child but you did a large majority of bringing us up on your own.

You have been both a mother and a farther to us and I cant thank you enough. Although we always saw dad on a regular basis, you held us when we cried. you warned and sorted out those boyfriends that gave us grief just like dad should have done.

Over the past few years you have been my rock, you have held me when I have felt so low I didn't think I could get any worse, you supported me through the stressful times I had at work when I was pregnant. I honestly don't think that I could be as good of a mum to Cohen as I am without you being an amazing role model.

You often tell us that us kids are what keep you going everyday, when in fact you and of course Cohen have been the only thing that has been able to get me out of bed in the mornings on my lower days.

You have supported me so much over the past year and i a, so glad that Cohen gets to have you as his mema!!

We love you with every fibre in our bodies.

Love Jadiebabie and Chunks xxx

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