Sunday, 23 October 2016

4 things no one tells you about breastfeeding!

Breastfeeding is always a hard thing to get a hold of, and there is a lot of pressure on women to do it. I remember when i was pregnant every new health care professional i met asked me that same question " Are you going to breastfeed?. 
I had decided I was going to as like every women I wanted what was best for my child. However, along the way I learnt a few things that were never discussed when i had talked about it previously

1.Breastfeeding is something that you have to learn
Some people are very lucky and their baby just latches on. However, for many women this isn't the case including myself. When i gave birth the midwives stayed with us for an hour and in that time they watch ed me feed. They helped me latch on and it seemed pretty easy, until they left and i had to do it on my own. 
It turns out that breastfeeding and latching on is something that both you and your baby have to learn! And sometimes like everything else you both just don't get the hang of it.
2.Sometimes babies don't want to breastfeed
Thats right some babies just dont want to breastfeed. In the movies they always make it look like every baby wants to do it but sometimes they dont. 
3.Some women dont get milk!
Every health professional I met told me to stick with it as my milk will come in. But it didn't I never had the engorging feeling and I never had milk leaking. Some women dont and then you feel like a failure as a mother for not being able to provide your baby with food! My son was crying all night because he was hungry buit he couldn't get anything out. 
4.The most important part of breast feeding is the colostrum
Colostrum is a honey like substance that is made at the very beginning of your milk production. This contains anti-bodies that line and protect your babies gut and digestive system. This is the most important part and as long as they have this you have succeeded.

When you cant breastfeed you feel like a failure, I know I did! 4 months later i still am made to feel like a failure sometimes, but the main thing you have to remember is that regardless of what happens. Whether you try, or whether you dont. Whether you succeed or if you dont your not a failure and dont let anyone make you feel otherwise! The main priority is that you r baby is fed not where the milk came from! 

Comment below some of your feeling and experiences about breastfeeding! 


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