Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Night time routine with a 12 week old

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I am very lucky that Cohen seems to be a creature of habit, like myself. He has fallen into a routine very quickly, and likes to stick by it. Which not only makes a happy baby but also a happy mummy!

Our bedtime routine normally starts at 6pm. Cohen is on 3 1/2 hourly feeds so this time is perfect for tying his last bottle in with his bath.
At 6pm, I take Cohen upstairs with me and lay him in his Moses basket. He will normlly have his mobile on whilst I run his bath. I will also go down and make his bottle ready for his feed.
We use the Tommee Tippee 90z bottles and the SMA first stage milk. The SMA milk is the best quality for the most we can afford to spend on the milk.

I like to make sure that he has plenty of bubbles in his bath. I love to cuddle him and be able to smell the baby bath on him. We use the night time bubble bath and your 'traditional' baby shampoo. Some people swear by the Johnsons &Johnsons baby bath but the superstore own is just as good and sometimes half the price.
The bedtime bath has a lovely, subtle lavender smell. It is really relaxing and I can understanding why it helps him fall asleep.

Once the bath has ran and its the right temp, I go into his 'bedroom' (I say bedroom but he is currently in with us until he is old enough to go into his own room.) and get his stuff out ready. I get his hodded towel, vest, onsie, nappy and baby lotion ect, out ready.

At about 6:15pm I bring him in and strip him off and get him into the bath. He would normally spend about 20 mins in the bath as he really enjoys it and loves to have a kick about, but recently this time has been shorter as he seems to be a lot more tired and a lot more grouchy.

At about 6:35pm, I take him back into his bedroom and I get him dried and dressed trying to keep his eyes open for as long as possible. Once he is dressed I take him into our bedroom for a few stories.

At this point it is normally about 6:45pm and he is beginning to get pretty tired. I would normally check his bottle as soon as we sit down . I will either give him a bottle and read to him or read to him and then feed him after, either way he is normally finished around 7pm and I begin to settle him down.

Settling down to sleep:

When settling him I put on his Whinnie the Pooh night light. It plays 5-6 songs, and you can set the time to 10 or 20 mins. It also has a soft light which displays stars onto the ceiling, We got brought it as a gift from the guys, Mike works with and it is gorgeous! I 100% recommend getting one for your little one.
Whilst he is listening to the music I give him plenty of mummy cuddles until he just drifting off to sleep. I then lay him in his Moses basket so he can settle himself off to sleep.

We will normally sleep about 8 hour but recently he has been sleeping about 11 hours. I think this may be due to him having another growth spurt. (I'm not complaining!! )

So there it is, our night time routine. It seems to have worked pretty well for us and I love bathing him and putting him to bed. Myself and Cohen wish you and your little ones sweet dreams as I climb into my bed.
Sleep tight!!

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