Wednesday, 15 March 2017

DIY mothers day cards

If you read my last post, then the best way to top off the best DIY gift is a DIY card. Below are some really good ideas.

1. Hand print lion.
This is a brilliant idea to do with children. Allow them to get messy and do as many hand prints as they can. If you use a yellow paint for the hand print, you can add the small amount of brown for the tail, main and you can make yourself a lion just like above.

2. Mum
This is a brilliant one for all ages. Whilst this is simple and effective and really eye catching.

3. Tea-riffic
If anyone is like me i love a cup of tea. This tea pot template card is a brilliant idea. Simply cut out the template and decorate as you want. Oh! and don't forget their favourite tea bag!

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Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Top 3 DIY mothers day gifts!

Everyone wants to make sure they get their mum the best gift money could buy. What could mean more to a mother then something that is personally made. Every ounce of thought has been put into something hand made.

1.Love heart mug
- Create your stencil( fold a piece of paper in half and cut half of a heart).
-Place the half of the heart over the handle of the mug and blue tack the other half to the mug.
- With the desired colour pen place dots around the edge of the stencil.
- Once finished remove the stencil to reveal the beautiful heart shape you have created.

2. Pamper cake
- Grab your pamper essentials and your towels.
- Roll your towel into shape and secure with a safety pin.
- Stack your beauty essentials inside and decorate with the ribbon of your choice.

3. Clay hand
- Roll out your air drying clay ( which can be brought at any good craft store) to about 1/2 and inch thick and cut around the desired hand with a butter knife.
- After leaving it to dry for 48 hours paint the hand as you desire.
( This gift would be perfect to make with children)

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Sunday, 12 March 2017

Easy SMX review- GPS System

I am forever getting lost! My phone is always dying. So when I was offered the chance to review the GPS, I was thrilled.
First of the delivery was once again brilliant! I ordered on the Friday and it was delivered by the Sunday.The GPS came with a car charger, a windscreen mount and a USB cord.

At first view of the GPS I was honestly very shocked because it looks like a tablet and has the functions of a tablet. Some of these functions include a radio and music app.

The GPS has a very detailed address entry. It also asks for a county, country and also gives you a list of any linking roads to make it easier to pin point exactly where to go.

I used this going into to town. First off my thoughts was that it was very good. I was very happy with the layout and how clear the voice was.
However, we very quickly came across an issues with the signal dropping. It only happened twice but it was an inconvenience.
Another issue we experienced was that it told me that my speed was too high. Whilst this is such an AMAZING feature it was also telling me I was going to fast when I wasn't even hitting the speed limit.

Away from the issues we experienced, I was very happy with the product! I would 100% recommend and buy one for a family member.

If you would like to get yours head over to the Easy SMX amazon shop.

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Saturday, 11 March 2017

My life story!

19th May 1996
At 3 am at Queen Alexandra hospital in Portsmouth, I was born to the world via c-section! I was brought into the world to be the first daughter to Lucy and second daughter to George. Little did I know that I would have 2 sets of parents... My nan and granddad on my mums side!

29th July 1998
My beautiful sister Courtney was brought into the world via c-section. Little did I know that my best friend had just been born! 

8th September 2001
After a very long fight with cancer my gorgeous Nan lost her battle and passed away with my mum by her side. I have never felt pain like when I lost my second mum and too this day I still think and cry for her!  

10th- 17th September 2001
At some point between these two dates, my mum and dad got married. They did this at our local registry office. Me and Courtney were both bridesmaids. 

June 2002
(I'm not exactly sure what the date was) A year after my beloved nan died I lost my granddad. Clinically he died of a heart attack. However we believe that he died of a broken heart and just had to be with the love of his life!  

March 2003
My mum and dad split up and my dad went to live in Portsmouth City center.

June 2007
I started my first day at secondary school! I was beginning to work hard for my future!! 

December 2011
I met my first serious boyfriend! 

May 2012
I lost my virginity *sniggers childishly*  

1st April 2013 
I split up from my ex boyfriend. Like any teenage girl my life felt like it was over. 

May 2013
Got accepted into university! 

23rd November 2013
I met Mike! If you would like to read the full story please click here!

May 2014 
Decided I wasn't  going to go to University

16th August 2014
Got my first job!

20th October 2015
I found out I was pregnant with my first Child.

2nd July 2016
Cohen Martin Brown was born at 9:46am at home! To read the full story please click here!!

8th July 2016
Moved into my first house! 

The rest is all yet to come!!... 

Tuesday, 7 March 2017

A letter to the old me!

Dear 'old me',

This is newer version of you! I don't know how long ago it was since we parted but some aspect have been hard...

I'm a mum now! I have a beautiful baby boy and he is so funny! He of reminds me of you but a few versions before. He's super cheeky, but he is such a good boy. I want to thank you for staying strong for me through those hard few months. There were things that you taught me about myself that make me as strong as I am now. You some how managed to keep me going through what was the MOST stressful time in my life so far!

I have a house of my own! I know that you still live with your mum and probably are still dreaming about living with your boyfriend. And some aspects are exactly what you think it is like, but other aspects are no where near. It is unbelievably hard to keep a house clean with a dog and a 8 month old! But I'm trying my best!

I'm in therapy! Me and you both know that I had ALOT of issues going on in my head, and I'm actually addressing them all now. It is so hard! I wont lie some days I really struggle but i'm working on it!

All I want to say is that whilst I don't miss you, I admire you! Your so strong and beautiful. Even though you are always a part of me I wish I could understand this now!!

I will always love you !


Sunday, 5 March 2017

What to put in your hospital bag!

So the time has come pack your hospital bag? And let me guess you haven't got a clue what to pack into it? Well me neither... I had absolutely no idea what to put into my hospital so here is a list of things to put in.

  • 2 night dresses or large button up shirts. (! for during labour and one for after)
  • A set of loose fitting clothes to come home in ( a set of maternity clothes would be ideal as you do still have a little bit of a tummy after)  
  • disposable or old pairs of pants. ( I would take quite a few pairs just in case)
  • Thick maternity pads
  • A set of clothes for baby
  • A set of clothes for baby to come home in ( including a hat for when they come outside) 
  • Nappies 10 - 15
  • Wipes
  • Bottles and formula ( if your planning on bottle feeding)
  • Breast pads
  • Energy drinks & glucose tablets ( You will need these if you have a long labour) 
  • Magazines
  • Phone chargers
  • Cameras and spare batteries.
  • Your hospital note and birth plan! 

Friday, 3 March 2017

Is Your Partner Cheating on you with someone?

Every day millions of relationships are broken every day if your relationship is running with complexity and you don’t trust your partner anymore then always remember that you should have solid information about your partner. If you really know that something is going wrong with your partner at back channel, don’t go with second-hand information, you need to examine it by yourself. In short, you have to get your facts straight, unfaithful partner always shows some signs which lead you the conclusion that you are being cheated by your partner with someone. There are some signs if you have noticed in your partner then there will be high chances that your partner is cheating on you with someone else.

How to judge your partner is unfaithful or he or she has second thoughts in mind:

 There will be an emotional distance between you and your partner.

 Your mind continuously rubs you that your partner is cheating on you with someone else.

 Your partner shows you lame excuses to spend time with you.

 Your partner stops compelling you to go outside and do fun together.

 When you don’t be able to give him or her proper time from any sort of genuine reason he or
she will start arguing with you that if you cannot spend time with me then he or her too.

 Most of the time your partner looks nervous, if suddenly his or her phone has rung and he or
she did not damn care about that particular call or messages.

 Your partner stops sharing you his or her feelings and most probably he or she telling his or her
feelings to someone else.

Women and men cheated each other at the same ratio, but the reason behind of cheating between the
two is totally different, according to the research work done by the Indiana University. “Women cheat
their male partner because they feel emotionally deprived while men cheat their female partner
because they feel sexually deprived, Tina B. Tessina Ph.D., psychotherapist. Unfaithful partners often
caught by their partners due to mobile phone and use of social websites. Cheating makes them scary
and ultimately they lack physical and emotional confidence because they feel fear, if being caught.
Always remember don’t look everything through a detective eye against your partner, but you should
clear that either you are insecure or you are right about your suspicion.

Use some tactics and make you clear, is you partner really cheating on you with someone?

As we have mentioned you earlier that unfaithful partners often get caught through their mobile
phones. Therefore, start noticing each and every activity while your partner is using their mobile device.
See his or her facial expressions while talking on the phone, while texting to someone and check his or her phone in her absence. The questions arise how you will manage to spy his or her each activity 24/7.

Don’t panic, there are plenty of spying software are available which can help you to make a check on
your partner. TheOneSpy is the world no.1 spying app which enables you to make a check on your
partner remotely and it will give you access to the targeted device. Even you will be able to view your
partner whereabouts, whom he or she is talking, whom he or she is texting and much more. TheoneSpy has more than 130 features including 16 instant messengers like twitter, Facebook, kik and etc. You can also track the location of your partner through GPS location tracking system and can record surrounding sounds and short videos with back and front camera.

This post was written by Aline. Aline is an author, tech and parental control, expert. She writes about relationships, marriages,
happiness and social media norms. Her latest contribution on surround your loved ones got wide social media visibility. Follow her on twitter @alinecarrara7